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The ROCKMOD HEAD is a completely hand wired, all-tube amp featuring three channels with individual EQ sections, an active effects loop, and digital switching. It is housed in shock resistant, and durable cabinet that is sure to hold up against the daily abuse of worldwide touring and cross-town transport.


The ROCKMOD is a totally professional piece of equipment; high-quality components and construction are used throughout. Its unique, versatile, and cleverly designed circuit makes it an indispensable tool on the stage and in the studio. Discerning guitarists that know great tone when they hear it will instantly recognize the ROCKMOD as a truly world-class amp.


BURN The BURN CHANNEL produces a HUGE amount of musical gain, more than enough for even the most aggressive and thrashing guitarist. With such intense gain available, players will be amazed by this channels' ability to retain its openness and dynamics without being compressed. Play really fast? No problem! Every burning solo and riff you unleash will be heard with excellent clarity and tracking, and every note will explode with rich harmonics across the entire fretboard. The Post-Gain knob works together with the Gain to add overall fatness and saturation. These controls are highly interactive and allow you to dial in every texture of the Rockmods's signature BURN sound.


CRUNCH The CRUNCH CHANNEL is crunchy, really crunchy! It produces that unmistakably British-flavored bark and growl that is tight, grinding, and totally classic rock, with vintage and "modified" amp tones are available. The highly sensitive Midrange control allows you to cut through the mix and be heard with all the definition and punch that guitarists crave.  Turning up the Pre-amp knob gives you that intense, full-bodied chunk that you can really feel.


CLEAN The EXTREME CLEAN CHANNEL was designed to produce tons of clean headroom with a beautiful, crystal clear tone that is rich and full bodied; the notes jump out and snap with a detailed, articulate voice that is perfectly suited for Funk, Blues, Country and Jazz styles of music. Now, here's the cool thing, no matter how high you turn it up, this channel will NOT break-up or get dirty! The highly desirable but elusive, "Lead and Clean" sound, is now a reality.


EFFECTS LOOP All Effects Loops are not created equal. They are usually an after-thought on most amps. A poorly designed loop will negatively affect the sound of a normally good amp, and it will make the effects placed in that loop sound terrible. For optimum sonic quality, correct placement and control over gain levels are critical. That is why the effects loop in the ROCKMOD was built the right way. It's a fully active, tube-buffered circuit located after the gain and EQ stages. Dedicated Send and Return controls allow for easy balancing of signal levels of analog pedals, digital modeling units, or studio rack processors. All your effects will be enhanced and come to life with tube warmth when inserted into the loop of the ROCKMOD.


CHANNEL SWITCHING The switching capabilities of the ROCKMOD is the ultimate in versatility. High quality digital switching technology is used for its low noise and rock-solid reliability. With four different means of control, the ROCKMOD can easily be integrated into your existing set-up without any problem.


  •      MANUAL SWITCHING - Front panel three-position rotary knob.
  •      DELUXE FOOT-SWITCHING - Four-button footswitch with individual momentary switches for the Clean, Crunch, and Burn channels. One latching-type switch for the On/Off status of the Effects Loop.
  •      RACK SWITCHING - Located on the back panel, four dedicated 1/4" jacks allow connection to any commercial or custom, "switching system" via their "Control Function" jacks.
  •      MIDI SWITCHING - Connects to standard MIDI controllers

FEATURES: Power Output: 50W (Class A/B) Input Jacks: High Channels: (3) Channels Clean, Crunch and Burn Controls: (3) Volume, (3) Treble, Midrange, Bass, and (3) Master Power Tubes: (2) EL34 Preamp Tubes: (6) 12AX7 Speaker Output: selectable - 4, 8 and 16 ohms Remote Speaker output: (2) in parallel Transformers: Hand made Mercury Magnetics Assembly: Hand wired Jacks: 1/4" Cliff Knobs: Faux ebony chicken head Tolex: Black (custom), animal glue, metal corners Handle: Heavy duty black Accessories: 2 button, channel select, optional 3 button available on request. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Weight: 45 lbs Dimensions: 20"Lx9"Wx17"H Power: 100VAC, 120VAC, and 240VAC - 50/60Hz, UL and CE



Rockmod™ 50 Head

  • Limited Life Time Warranty

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