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The RoboCab™ is an advanced robotic speaker system.  It adjust the speaker to any angle at the touch of a button.  Focus your sound exactly where you want it and create multiple speaker cabinets naturally in just one soution. 


How does it work?  In a traditional sealed speaker cabinet, the driver diaphragm compresses air in the enclosure when it moves in and rarefies air when it moves out.  Everything's in one unit and the drivers are kept in the right position to produce one tone.  The RoboCab has two cabinets in one.  There's an outer cabinet and an inner cabinet.  The driver diaphragm compresses air variably which causes a frequency sweep similar to a wah-wah pedal but not as dramatic.   When the inner cabinet is moved in position, the tone of the cabinet changes.  An adjustable flexible mic stand mounted to the inner cabinet will keep the mic in position while the internal cabinet moves to change the frequency of the outer speaker cabinet.


The RoboCab is constructed from highest quality Baltic birch, and handcrafted by professional guitar amp cabinet makers in the USA.  The RoboCab can be powered with just one 9V battery.


The guitarist arsenal of cabinets has now just got easier to manage.  The RoboCab can be placed in isolation rooms or on stage.  It's great to position the speaker so that the guitarist can hear the natural sound of the cabinet without spraying the sound in the audience.   Since the mic always stays in position, it is quick to setup to get the desired tone in just seconds.



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