Columbia 30W Combo
Columbia 30W Combo
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Columbia was modeled after the tone of several classic amps from the early 50's and has a full rich tone pallet that can produce any classic rock, country or jazz music with a slight turn of a knob. Creating great inspirational music with Columbia is easy and fun. The amp was designed for the serious player that needs versatility without sacrificing tone integrity. The recipe to great tone is simplicity, use the best parts possible, and let your experience working with professional musicians guide your design.
The Columbia is hand made in the USA from the ground up. The amp chassis is aircraft grade aluminum to keep it light weight but durable at the same time. Hand wired for electrical stability and uses the best transformers, components and speakers from such vendors like Mercury Magnetics, Carling, Illinois, Switchcraft and Weber. The cabinet is made by craftsman with over 80 years of combined know how and experience with exceptional quality standards for life long use. Every part of the design was well thought through before the amp was ever made. 

Columbia has 2 channels that share the same tone control. The first channel can produce crystal clear clean tone with plenty of headroom, but has the ability to get dirty if needed. The clean channel sparkles and has a full range tone control that is independent from the second channels tone control; it is custom designed for dynamic effect of passing frequencies. The second channel was designed for classic bark and growl for crunchy chords and thick full body leads. Columbia is a true class A design using a pair of 6L6 power tubes and a combination of preamp tubes with various gain ranges for control throughout the signal path of the amp. The class A output section provides always on tone, meaning the amp is very responsive to every gesture you make with your fingers or pick. 

Columbia has a unique vibrato effect renamed Vibrelo that oscillates and slightly phase shifts the signal all at the same time. It has an intensity control for the amount of effect and a speed to control the rate of oscillation. A true spring reverb is built into the clean channel to enhance every note played and will not interfere with the lead channel's tone path. The master volume controls both channels overall volume level for the perfect performance.

Columbia offers optional features such as a 5W power limiter allowing you to turn up and overdrive the volume of each channel for musical breakup, but still keeps the overall volume at a reasonable level. A tube buffered transparent series effects loop that can be switched on and off from the front panel with adjustable send and return pots inside. The amp comes with a 2 channel (included) or 3 channel (optional) foot switch to control channel switching, reverb and vibrelo. Columbia is hand made and hand wired by experienced assemblers that take pride in their craft.

The Columbia takes you on a journey that will surely inspire you to play more and have fun doing it.


Power Output: 30W (Class A)
Input Jacks: Low and High
Channels: (2) channels Clean and Lead
Controls: (2) Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass, and Master
Switches: Treble boost on lead volume, Effects, Channels, Power and Standby
Power Tubes: (2) 6L6
Preamp Tubes: (3) 12AX7, (1) 12AU7, (1) 12AT7
Speaker Output: Selectable - 8 and 16 ohms
Remote Speaker Output: Disconnects main speaker (8 ohm)
Transformers: Hand Made Mercury Magnetics
Speaker: (8 ohm) 12" hand made In USA (Weber)
Assembly: Hand Wired
Cooling: Fan
Jacks: 1/4" Switchcraft (metal)
Knobs: Faux ivory chicken head
Cabinet: (50's Vintage Style) Baltic Birch semi open back
Tolex: Vintage brown (custom), animal glue, finished corners
Grill Cloth: Classic Gold Mesh (custom)
Handle: Heavy duty black vintage style
Accessories: 2 button, channel select and vibrello. optional 3 button available on request.


Weight: 45 lbs
Dimensions: 20"Lx9"Wx17"H
Power: 100VAC, 120VAC, and 240VAC - 50/60Hz, UL and CE



Jazz Melody Clean

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