Repair Form

Repair Form: 

Thank you for selecting Kasha Amplifiers for your repair and service needs..


Before a product is shipped back to Kasha Amplifiers, we require this form to be filled out, printed and packed together with the product needing repairing. If you have any questions with the form, please contact us. We will promplty get back to you and answer any questions you may have regrading your product. Once we receive your product, we will notify you and provide an estimate before starting the work.

Please follow these easy instructions: 

1. Fill out the form to the best of your ability and write in the comment section a detailed summary of the problem.

2. Print the form out and place it in with the product when shipping.  Make sure the form is either taped or placed in an envelope that will be easiy recongnized. Make sure to press submit after completing the form.

3. Product should be packed carefully to insure a safe arrival. It is recommended to take photos before shipping the product in case there is damage during shipping. Packing of the product should follow these guide lines: Packing Guide Lines

4. Ship the product to:

Kasha Amplifiers

1464 Madera Road, Suite 332

Simi Valley, Ca 93065

Att: Repair Department 

Has the product been worked on by another tech?
Does the problem happen when you turn on the unit everytime?
Does the problem only happen some of the time?
Have you tried to fix the problem yourself?
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