Warranty and Repair Services

Warranty Claims: 

Must be accompanied by original owner purchase reciept and serial number.  Warranties will not be charged for products that are less than one year in use.  Warranty will cover parts and labor if product does not have signs of misuse or structural damage.  Tubes are covered for 30 days upon purchase.

Customer must call or email their claim for warranty repair to receive an return merchandise authorization (RMA) number before shipping product back to Kasha Amplifiers.  Customer Service - Toll Free: 866-224-6316, support@kashaamplifiers.com.

Product should be packed carefully to insure a safe arrival. It is recommended to take photos before shipping the product in case there is damage during shipping. Packing of the product should follow these guide lines: Packing Guide Lines

All repairs or warranty claims must have a repair service form filled out and attached to the product before shipping. Form must be typed and not hand written for clarity.