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Original Rock Modification done by John Kasha.  These are mods of the

Rock Stars from the 80’s and 90’s.

We can do these mods on any tube amp from the early 50s to present.  Please call for information and pricing.

MOD 1 – Doubles gain, maintains clarity, puts out smooth sustain. 



MOD 2 – Doubles gain providing unlimited gain, sustain and clarity.  Output transformer from John’s cloning of Jake E Lee original Marshall amp back in the 80’s.  This is all beef in the back end without additional tone circuitry.  This amp has balls with every note and chord you will play.  Additional knobs and tubes required.



MOD 3 – Additional channel added that can be configured for clean or distortion.



MOD 4 – The ultimate Mod!  Two switching channels that can be either distorted or clean.  Plus, 2 master volumes for a true volume only boost, no attenuator required.



MOD 5 – Transparent serial effects loop especially designed for Marshalls and Vox amps.



MOD 6 – Clean mod that adds sparkle and shimmer to every note.



MOD 7 – MIDI switching for all channel and any feature that can switch by a foot switch.



MOD 8 – Magnatone original mod including vibrato.



MOD 9 – Additional spring reverb with mix and on/off foot switch control



Mod 10 – Evil Robot mod for C30 model.  This mod converts the Chinese model into the American with a few extra goodies.  New 5W limiter for rich crunchy cords, Power attenuator that goes cold or hot specifically designed for class A amps.  Weber custom kick ass speaker and changes to the Vibrato for a rich smoother tone and yes, it will work with the EFX loop on.  In addition, we reduce the heat build up on the front panel, which will increase the tube life.  Overall, this mod is a must for anyone who has an EVR C30.

1. Power attenuator cold/hot
2. Second channel cleaner, less distortion with more jangle and stacked tone POT for full channel separation
3. Heat reduction include fan, front plate and hood.
4. Speaker change
5. Output Transformer change
6. Effects loop switch on front panel and send return volume
7. 5W limiter
8. Conversion to 6L6 or EL34 with mod for safe use

9. Upgrade Vibrato fuller richer sounding and works with effects loop



All mods require additional tubes, POTs, knobs, components and labor that are included in the mod price.  Shipping charges will be estimated before purchasing the mod.


More MODS coming…  Stay tuned!

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