This is the main FAQ


Q: Do you sell through dealers or strictly direct?

Answer: We sell direct and through dealers.  If you have a dealer you like near you, please provide the dealer name, email address and phone number.  We will contact them and see if they would like to become a certified Kasha Amplifiers dealer.


Q: Do you stock your products?

Answer: We stock some products, but we are mostly a custom shop.  We build to order so that the customer gets exactly the product they have dreamed about.


Q: Do you offer endorsement discounts?

Answer: Yes, we do provide endorsement discounts; please call us for more information.


Q: What is the average lead-time to receive products?

Answer: It varies from product to product.  Usually pedals and Quikmod’s are 5 business days, Amps run around 6 to 8 weeks depending on the model.  For information on a specific product, please email or call us.


Q: Once the product is ordered, is there any way to track it?

Answer: Yes, when you purchase a product through Kasha’s website, you will be provided with a login and password to track the progress of your order 24 hours a day.  Once the product is ready to ship, you will be notified with a FEDEX tracking number.  If you have any questions with your order, please email or call us, we are here to provide the best experience with Kasha products.


Q: I have a Kasha product, but it was not bought through Kasha directly, will you still honor the warranty?

Answer: If you bought a product that was not purchased from our website and you have a proof of purchase receipt, then we will honor the service as long as it is within the specified warranty period.  Please see Warranty and Repair in the table of contents for more details.


Q: I have an older Kasha product and I want it repaired or refurbished, is this something Kasha can do?

Answer: Yes, we will not turn down any Kasha product that is out of service.  We want all Kasha products running to be enjoyed but musicians everywhere.  We are passionate about this and we are willing to help you in any way possible.  Please email or call us for more information.


Q: Do you repair products that are not manufactured by Kasha?

Answer: Yes, we repair products that are not manufactured by Kasha.  We have been doing this since the late 80’s.  Please see our Warranty and Repair page for more details.


Q: Can I buy replacement parts for my Kasha product directly?

Answer: Yes, please specify the part needed and we will do our best to provide a source for you to purchase it or sell it to you directly.


Q: My friend recommended Kasha to me; do you provide discounts for referrals?

Answer: It depends on the situation, please email or call us for more details.


Q: I'm interested in doing demos; does Kasha offer any deals for doing a professional demo of Kasha products?

Answer: Yes, we do.  Please email or call us for more details.  Also, it would be good to send us some demos you have already done for other music gear companies ahead of time.


Q: I love my Kasha product, but I'm having some problem with it and live in Europe.  Does Kasha have repair or warranty centers outside of the USA?

Answer: We work with several warranty or repair centers worldwide.  If you have a repair shop or tech that can do the work, please contact us.  We could set them up as a warranty center.


Q: Do you offer rush services for repair or the purchasing of a new Kasha product?

Answer: Yes, please email or call us for pricing options.


Q: Can I call for daily updates when my product is being serviced?

Answer: We provide an online status tool that our customers can use 24 hours a day.  We provide updates using this tool.  Since we have a small specialized team, we are focused on making quality products and any time that is taken away from this, will cause a delay shipping products.  However, if you have an urgent matter, then please email or call us, we will be glad to help you.


Q: I want to ship my product to you for repair, do you have a recommendation for packing it properly so it will not arrive damaged when you get it?

Answer: Please see:

Packing Guide Lines


Q: I'm interested in a Kasha product, but I would like to make some changes, do you provide custom services?

Answer: Yes, we provide custom services, please email or call us for more information.


Q: How long has Kasha been in business?

Answer: Kasha Amplifiers and modification services have been in business for 30 years.  Please see About Us for Kasha Amplifiers history.


Q: When you receive my Kasha product for service, when will I get informed that you received it and when it will be repaired?

Answer: As soon as you complete the Repair Form and submit it, you will be entered into our tracking system.  As soon as we receive the product that needs service, we will inform you by email or call you.  As an option, you can always call to make sure the product has arrived safely.


Q: Will you provide a receipt once I purchase a Kasha product from this site?

Answer: Yes…  Once you complete your shopping cart checkout procedure, you will receive a confirmation and receipt of your purchase.  You will be getting updates on the status of your purchase though our website tracking system.


Q: I'm interested in buying a Kasha product and I would like to try it before I purchase it.  Is there a dealer near me that carries Kasha?

Answer: If you would like to try one of Kasha’s products near your location, please provide us with your favorite music store details, we will try to set them up as a dealer.  Otherwise, we provide professionally recorded YouTube clips that you can reference.


Q: I'm a dealer interested in selling Kasha products; do you have a dealer price sheet?

Answer: We do offer a dealers pricing sheet, but we prefer all dealers go through our site to purchase.  Once setup as a Kasha Amplifiers dealer, we will provide a discount code.  This way all purchases are tracked and accounted for.


Q: I have heard about Kasha mods back in the late 80's from my friends.  Does Kasha still offer them and how much are they?

Answer: We do offer the mods still.  Please see Mods and Custom Shop in the table of contents for details.  If you have any question, please email or call us.


Q: Once a product is repaired or modified, do you offer a warranty on it?

Answer: We offer a one-year warranty on all workmanship and parts.  Tube warranty is 90 days.


Q: I have an idea for a product does Kasha offer engineering services?

Answer: Yes, we offer engineering services.  We have a staff of software and hardware engineers that are best in class.  Please email or call us for details.


Q: When I receive the Kasha product and I’m not happy with the sounds or it is not what I was looking for, do you offer a money back guarantee?

Answer: On stocked parts, we offer a money back guarantee, subject to a 20% restocking fee.  For non-stocked or custom products, all sales are final.  So if you are not really sure if the product will meet your expectation, please do more research or call us to help you with your decision.


Q: Do you clone amps?

Answer: Yes! We can clone any amp on the face of the panet.  Our cloning process is the best in the industry.  We not only clone the outer look, but we also take great care in the electorincs and speaker.  Electronics such as components are matched.  In addition we clone the Transfomers to the original spec.  After we are done, you would not be able to tell the original from the clone.  The look, tone and function is exact or better than the original.  The process does take time and we will give you a proposal ahead of time to make sure everything meets your expectation and you are 100% satisfied.