About Us



Kasha Amplifiers, Inc started out in the back of a music store called ABK Rocks located in the San Fernando Valley in the early 80’s.  Music store owner Bob Kasha and engineer John Kasha started Kasha Amplifiers and is now owned and operated by John Kasha



ABK was a music store that musicians from all over LA went to for gear and music lessons.  Many musicians from Jake E Lee (Badlands), Craig Goldie (DIO), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Chris Impellittari and many more came to this store for the Kasha Mod.  The mod was so popular with 80s hard rock bands, it became known as the Rockmod.  Later John created the first all tube preamp called Rockmod I, II and now III.  George Lynch (Lynch Mob), Paul Jackson Jr. (Michael Jackson), Dan Huff (Giant), Tracy Guns became big fans.  It was and still is the best preamp money can buy and received 5 stars from Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines. 

But wait, there’s more…  The Rockmod also gave birth to a patented new invention called Quikmod in the early 90s.  A mod anyone could install in their amps in minutes.  Too good to be true, but it was and Quikmod’s started showing up in major recording studios all over the country.  Big producers such as Keith Olsen and Tom Werman also endorsed Quikmod and Rockmod’s back in the early 90’s.



Kasha Amplifiers has produced several award winning products such as the Rockmod, Quikmod, RoboCab, Skull Crusher and the Evil Robot Line of amps. These products have been seen and heard at the Super Bowl, American Idol, Tonight Show with Jay Leno and many more movie, television, radio media outlets and the largest stadiums in the country.  

John is on the move and has been working with some of the industries top gear manufacturers to produce some really mind blowing live recording, hi-tech wireless and cloud product lines. 

John is friendly, won’t bite and will be very glad to hear from you and your experiences with Kasha products.